Known bugs / FAQ for amavis-perl & amavisd

How to report a problem ...

If you encounter any (installation) problems, please

  1. Re-read the documentation carefully
  2. Check the AMaViS FAQ for amavis-perl/amavisd (this page!)
  3. Check the amavis-user ML archive

If there is still no solution to your problem, your problem report should provide

Please read the amavis-user ML guidelines, too!


General issues

NOTE: All entries related to amavisd-snapshot-20010714 have been removed! Please use amavisd-snapshot-20020300 or newer!

MTA specific-issues

NOTE: amavisd has to run under the choosen user id (i.e. amavis or vscan), not as root. So, if you get an error message such as "connection refused", amavisd is started incorrectly. You may use "su - userid -c "/usr/sbin/amavisd >/dev/null 2>&1", for SuSE Linux "startproc -u userid /usr/sbin/amavisd" or for RedHat Linux "daemon --user userid /usr/sbin/amavisd"





Additions/corrections to/of FAQ entries should be send to faq-submit at amavis dot org. Question should be send only to the amavis-user mailing list.

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