by Lars Hecking
Amavis-perl-11 is released. The main new features are preliminary support for sendmail milter, support for Command AntiVirus (CSAV) for Linux, and improved logging and debugging. Download amavis-perl-11 from this server or SourceForge. See SourceForge for the release announcement.


by Rainer Link
As some of you may already have noticed Geoff Winkless recently joined our team. He has contributed the new sendmail libmilter interface for amavis-perl and he currently works mainly on the new amavisd branch, the 3rd generation of AMaViS.


by Rainer Link
Due to a SourceForge/Geocrawler problem, there is no mailing list archive for 2001. As our mailing lists are archived by MARC, too, please use them instead (look at the Information Security section). We apologize for any inconveniences.


by Rainer Link
An AMaViS Security Announcement was released addressing a potential hole for script viruses which has been fixed in AMaViS-Perl-10. We strongly advise you to upgrade.


by Lars Hecking
Amavis-perl-10 was released. It fixes a potential hole for script viruses as well as a few problems with configure. Get it from this server or SourceForge. See SourceForge for the release announcement.


by Lars Hecking
A new release of amavis-perl is available now. Apart from the usual bugfixes, it has support for the content filtering interface in newer versions of postfix, and customised notification messages. Get it here, or from SourceForge. Check out the announcement at SourceForge.


by Christian Bricart
Finally it's there!
AMaViS 0.2.1 hits the road.
For detailed information what has changed since 0.2.1-pre3 have a look at the ChangeLog. Here some excerpts:
  • hints for sendmail M4 configuration added to documentation
  • fixed the TNEF detection and handling (obsoletes recent patch)
  • general documentation updates

You find the current release version at the ususal place


by Lars Hecking
Released amavis-perl-8. Get it here or from the download page. Major changes, apart from bugfixes:
  • switch to line based I/O for drastical reduction of memory usage
  • security fix: the executable part of self-extracting archives is now checked
  • preliminary exim support
  • better configurability
  • better support for testing and debugging
For more information, see Sourceforge.


by Rainer Link
Fix for broken TNEF support in 0.2.1-pre3

The following two patches should fix the two issues:
  • tnef 0.13 changed the help page, so the detection if the installed tnef is the one of Mark Simpsons fails
  • tnef files are not handled at all
Copy configure.in.patch into the root directory of the AMaViS 0.2.1-pre3 source directory and scanmails.in.patch into src/scanmails/
Apply the patches.
Do not forget to call ./reconf from the root directory of the source tree for re-creating configure. If configure and/or make does not work correctly afterwards, please read BUGS.


by Christian Bricart
Released 0.2.1-pre3.
Downloads possible from the usual place.
Apart from the ususal typo and cosmetic changes:
  • broken links updated in documentation
  • improved detection for uuencoded mails (if sent inline)
  • improved handling of self-extracting files a bit
  • fixed possible mail loss in sendmail and postfix when used as relay

Have a look at the ChangeLog to browse through all changes.
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